Custom Made Lighting Solutions!

Who we are

WK LED Ltd is a creative lighting company focused on innovative LED products since 2004

We are based in the Netherlands and work all over the world

What we do

WK LED designs, developes and manufactures innovative led lighting solutions mainly for luxury interiors and exteriors

'Customized' is our slogan!

WK LED is very active in creating indirect lighting solutions

How we do it

Our clients ask for solutions, our engineers design these ideas and our carefully selected production facilities manufacture our products

WK LED Custom Made Lighting Solutions!

Flexible Linear Lighting Solutions

Led Floor Line Solutions

Recessed Lighting Solutions

Exterior Lighting Solutions

Backlighting Solutions

Flexible Backlighting Solutions

Alabaster Backlit Solutions

Eco Resin Panel Solutions

Custom Lighting Panels

Dynamic Surface Lighting Solutions

COB Led Solutions

Facade Lighting Solutions

Transparent Led Film Solutions

Transparent Privacy Film Solutions

Transparent Lighting Solutions

EL Lighting Solutions

Blog & Latest News

Transparent led film

We are launching the latest developed transparent led film technology