Integrated Backlit Stone

WK Integrated Backlit Stone.pdf

We are happy to announce our cooperation with a large stone company.

This resulted in a new integrated product of backlight and thin translucent stone!

What is it?

Our Integrated Backlit Stone Solutions are based on embedded lighting in construction materials like Marble, Onyx, Veneer, Quartz. and Leathered Stone

Why is it interesting?

In many projects weight is an issue, our solutions are superthin, light weight and made with real stone, quartz and veneer.

When stones like Onyx get very thin color and depth seem to fade away..our innovative way of production prevends that!

Weight per M2 will be around 13-17kg in total and thickness from 10-14mm depending on size.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Translucent stone patterns:

How to service?

Our innovative way of putting led strips in the panels makes it fast and easy to service, even with our frameless panels.

How to install?

We have 2 options for our Integrated Lighting panels:

With frames and frameless

Available with or without frames

With or without edgelight

Custom Sizes available

Custom Shapes available

Covid-19 protection screens

Room deviders

Wall cladding