BackLighting Solutions

There are several ways for backlighting

WK LED offers them all..

  • Edgelite Light Guided Panels
  • Flexible or Rigid Led Boards
  • Edgelight Modules

EdgeLite Light Guided Panels are a revolution in backlighting technology

Side lit panels, almost any shape and sizes up to 3000*2000mm even bended

Ultrathin from 4-10mm

Side lit from 1 side, 2 sides or 4 sides

Mostly used for backlighting of Marble , Onyx , Granite , Alabast , Wood , Glass , Carpet , Wallpaper etc...

We also offer complete complete solutions with Alabaster Faux Onyx sheets.

WK Backlit Alabaster.pdf

Other applications shelving for shops, hospitality, museum etc..

The Technology we adapt is V-Cutting laser engraved, Laser dot and Nano technology

V-Cutting laser engraved Laser dot Nano Technology

Advantage of V-Cutting (laser engraved) is higher brightness and bigger possible sizes

Advantage of Laser dot, dots are less visible compared to V-Cutting if surface is more translucent

Advantage of Nano Technology is complete clear sheet, Nano particles are scattered in sheet but not visible

From cold white to warm white or R G B

  • Flexible or Rigid Led Boards

Our Flexible and Rigid Led boards are best option if you need high brightness backlight

Our Flexible boards are cuttable so suitable for many applications

Available in several densities and colours, also customized

Edgelight Modules

Our Edgelight Modules are good option when there is no access for maintenance in your backlight project

Our Edgelight modules will be mounted on both long sides of your backlight object

Throw distance up to 3 meters with uniform light all colours

Only needs 4cm distance to light object

Also good option for odd shaped backlit lighting panels


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WK edgelite-panels.pdf

WK Led WP Backlight panels.pdf

WK LFB catalogue-comp.pdf