Who we are

WK LED is a creative lighting company focused on innovative LED products since 2004

We are based in the Netherlands and have partners in many countries

What we do

WK LED designs, developes and manufactures innovative led lighting solutions mainly for luxury interiors and exteriors

'Customized' is our slogan!

  • Customized led strip solutions
  • Customized recessed down/uplight solutions
  • Customized lighting panel solutions
  • Customized backlighting solutions
  • Customized COB led engines

Contact us and share what you are looking for!


How we do it

Our clients ask for solutions, our engineers design these ideas and our carefully selected production facilities manufacture our products

WK LED Customized Lighting Solutions!

Flexible Linear Lighting Solutions

Led Floor Line Solutions

Recessed Lighting Solutions

Exterior Lighting Solutions

Backlighting Solutions

Integrated Backlit Stone

Custom Lighting Panels

Dynamic Surface Lighting Solutions

COB Led Solutions

Facade Lighting Solutions

Transparent Led Film Solutions

Transparent Privacy Film Solutions

Transparent Lighting Solutions

EL Lighting Solutions

Blog & Latest News

Cruise Ship Interior Expo Europe

We are exhibiting at Cruise Ship Interior Expo Europe from Nov 30-1 Dec 2022

Introducing some interesting new products!

Meet us at booth 1014!

SMM 2022

We are exihibiting at SMM 2022 Hamburg from September 6-9

Meet us at Booth B6.254


SkyLight Bringing Sunshine to any area! Anyplace.. Anytime..


Sauna proof led strip!

New developed COB led strip up to 105 ℃!

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America 2022

Meet us at Booth 720! see you there!

Dual Bending Flexible Wall Washer!

Dual: Horizontal and Vertical Bendable!

Cruise Ship Interiors Expo 2021

We are exhibiting at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Excel London

Meet us at our booth 102 Hall N3

Looking forward seeing you there!


PU IP68 COB Led Strip

New developed IP68 PolyUrethane COB Led Strip

Neon strip with stored emergency light

Neon strip with stored emergency light

Flexible Sideview wall grazer

WK Flex Sideview Wall Grazer

Integrated Aluminium Led Profiles

Aluminium profiles including suitable led strips

220V led strip

220V direct input led strip

Halo Anti Glare Mini Series

Halo Anti Glare Mini Series

Halo Superthin Recessed downlights

Halo Superthin Recessed downlights

Ledline Linear Connect

Modular Linear Ledlines

Big Round Flex

Big Round Flex Create your own fixture with 360° uniform lighting!

Bandable all directions!

Alpha series Linear Led product line up

WK 2020 Alpha catalogue_compressed.pdf


New arrival! Skyline direct, indirect & wall wash

State of Art Covid-19 protection screens

We are launching State of Art Covid-19 protection screens, great looking with many available patterns

Flexible High Power led strip

Flexible High Power led strip

Flexible Led Film

New arrival! Flexible Led Film P16 WS2813 2020 chips

COB Flex Led

COB Flex Led Latest developed Superthin 2.5mm Flex Led Strip

Transparent Light

A new revolutionary technology lighting up Acrylic or Glass surfaces

Maison&Objet 2018

Led Linear SV Micro 7*9mm !!

World's smallest flexible linear diffused led strip !

Transparent led film

We are launching the latest developed transparent led film technology

Maison&Objet Paris

We are exhibiting at Maison&Objet , the state or art exclusive interior trade show!

September 8-12, Paris, France

Hall 8, Projects

New developed Linear Led Flex RGB+WW and Linear Led Flex Tunable (dynamic) White

Introducing our latest developed diffused RGB+WW and TW Linear Led strips

New developed Linear Led Flex!

Mets 2016

Mets 2016 Also this year we will exhibit at Mets, visit us at the Superyacht Pavilion Booth 10.514

WK LED Flex Sheet 2nd generation

Much smaller pitch 20mm, 300 leds per sheet


We developed a super small diffused led strip, only 8*12mm, 24V, 3,8cm cut unit


Our MFN Topview is available in RGB colour changing now!


We just launched our updated MFN-2835-M diffused led strip

At 400 lumen one the brightest and smallest in the market today!

METS 2015

WK LED Ltd Exhibits at METS 2015

Visit us at the SuperYacht Pavilion

Booth 09.709

Sunset CCT HaloLite

Breaking news!

We introduce our latest developed Color temperature adjustable Halo recessed downlight

Till now LED lighting did not create the atmosphere Halogen or Tungsten lamps can, simply because LED is solid state lighting

Now our engineers developed a COB led which has 2000K and 3000K, by dimming the color temperature mixes into the perfect desired atmosphere

COB led

What is COB Led?

C ircuit O n B oard Led's are one of the latest developed halogen like led's

Due to the used reflector cub the light effect is anti glare and has halogen like light effect